Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meanwhile, Back in 2012...

So, uh, here's the last video presentation from us for the year (except for some trailers and stuff). ENJOY!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Progress Report...and Some Answers

I'm about 30 pages from the end of that infernal Misa novel... I've nearly finished the DYRL trailers and ads... I'm more than halfway through the Misa drama album... Macross Love is nearly done... and I'm halfway through Flashback 2012. If I didn't have the DYRL novelization staring me in the face, begging to be translated, I'd say that life was good.

In other news, Rock-X has a comment and a question (or two):

First, he said this (edits are mine) -

"Hello there. I'm a fairly old anime fan that wanted to share an opinion as a response to yours. The short version of my story is this: I learned the name of Macross through watching Rxbxtxch in 98, then in 2000 I found, bought, & watched a VHS copy of "Super Space Fortress Macross" and loved it: since then began a small collection of Macross that includes the DVD releases of TV Series, II, & Plus and finishing with Viz Comics Macross II sequel, an HD Remaster of Macross Plus, and a Fan Edit of DYRL that includes the Japanese & Space Fortress's English dub.
In the middle of this is something I treasure the most, "Macross: The Complete" soundtrack. You may feel the second half of the third disc only has value, but having lived in a time when internet surfing was limited to AOL, Online stores were scarce, and importing was expensive as hell, I respectfully disagree. The first exposure to Macross music was through the VHS tape, and while it only gave me samples of the Series music, I loved what I heard and the appreciation for the work done has only grown with the addition of the DVD release. Getting this 3 disc set was and still is a great deal for me, and I won't let anyone else, fan or non-fan, say otherwise."

Rock-X makes a good point, and I have two copies of Macross the Complete in my collection. First one is a bootleg (bought before I realized it was, alas) and the second is the real deal. My uploads of the soundtracks for the series come from Macross the Complete, actually.

But still, the problem remains: I'd like to upload EVERYTHING in the most convenient possible form, and the first two discs of "Complete" are available elsewhere, except for the karaoke tracks, which are not being included in Galaxy Network. It's a great set, definitely, but only the third disc is important to my purposes.

Next, Rock-X sent me this (again, edits are mine) -

"Hello there, you may not know me but I posted recently on the Introductions Part IV post concerning "The Complete" soundtrack, but that's not why I'm here. The reason is I want to thank you for the hard work you've done not just in the releases of the Remastered episodes, but in the video extras & music collections as well. After a recent issue with my computer (which ended in major lost of files) I've decided I want to give the other Macross music that was partially featured in "The Complete" soundtrack a listen to. At the moment I'm still testing my computer for any unwelcome surprises, but again I wanted to say that as a fan who transitioned from Rxbxtxch into Macross, I appreciate all you've done. Okay, that was longer than I wanted to, but a couple of quick things to ask. On a Macross fansite whose name I can't recall since the computer trouble, it mentioned the DYRL single release had the two songs along with Karaoke versions of both. However, the only version of the end theme song that's karaoke is at the end credits of "SuperSpace Fortress Macross" and nowhere else. Have you heard anything about a karaoke version even existing? Also, when I stumbled across your torrents on a forum, there were links to some "Special Editions" of your remastered episodes with the selling point being all the commentary from ADV & Destroy All Podcasts included. Based on the comment you made on another post of the blog, am I to assume these were the anonymous releases you had no knowledge or consent about? Sorry if this is rather long, but I'm a young fan to Macross despite my age: I have many questions, and you seem to hold many answers."

To answer: The Special Editions are not what I was objecting to, although I haven't checked them out. Basically, the way Galaxy Network operates is that any member can use whichever portion they like for any project they feel like. Boinger, for example, wants a nice, clean "Clash of the Bionoids" dub, as well as the ADV TV dub and  stuff. For me (Yot-chan), my goal is to unify all the subs, so that (for example), when Sheryl says "Atashi to issho-ja, iya?" in Macross Frontier Ep. 5, it'll be translated the same way as when Minmay said it in DYRL. As such, English dubs are exactly what I want to avoid in my releases, since the wording is necessarily different.

I don't want to skip anything important...but my time is limited, which is why I'm trying to focus on stuff like the Misa novel, rather the series novelizations (which add nothing new, beyond the opening chapter). I hope that's good enough.

And to Djmasturbeat, who said this -
"going back to 3 years ago--
can I please have a reseed from anyone on the official release of Episode 00? I can't find it seeded on torrents (even with dht enabled) and no luck on DDL, except for in the Pineapple Salad unofficial batch, and that one is clearly re-encoded (why?) as it is 1.01 GB rather than 1.44 GB. I am using the trackerless torrent uploaded to nyaa and have dht enabled and added a bunch of public trackers, so i hope if someone can pop in and seed even slowly you can help me out."

Er, yeah...for some reason, when I redid it, it ended up as 1.01GB rather than 1.44GB. I have no idea why, since I used the same settings.

Anyway, the subs are much better on the newer, smaller version (or at any rate, I'm much happier with them).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Noboru Ishguro Passes Away.

I have no words.

As the man who directed Yamato, SDF Macross, Orguss, DYRL, Megazone Part I, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and, as such, the man who gave me pleasure in the present and dreams of the future, I'm incredibly sad.

RIP Ishiguro-Sensei.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress Report

For the last week or so, I've been making a ton of progress on the Misa novel. Riber currently has about two pages left to live. I doubt I'll be done with it before I finish the DYRL trailers, but you never know...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3rd Anniversary!

Well, it's been three years since Galaxy Network launched. There have been more bumps in the road than I would've liked, but what's past is past, right?

Anyway, to commemorate, we've got two brand-new releases. One of them is rather of them is quite a bit newer.

And uh, don't expect the second one to be continued very soon. We're thinking of releasing it as an annual, anniversary thing. In other words, expect Volume 2 on February 7, 2013.

Anyway, thanks for your support and kind words. More is coming soon!

Monday, January 30, 2012

February 7...

For our third anniversary, we've got two (TWO!!) big projects about to debut! I'm sure you can all guess what one of them is, but the other one may be a surprise...